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¿Qué son las cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your computer, smartphone or any other device that allows access to the Internet, whenever you visit a website. Cookies are useful because they allow a web page to recognize the user's device.

How the cookies make our website more secure and easy to use.
The use of cookies is common and advantageous. We use cookies on our website ( to create the page more safe and effective as possible for our users. Cookies allow us to enhance your experience with our web site and ensure that it works as expected.

Them cookies us help to customize the content of the web page so that is appropriate with them tastes of our visitors. Among other things, we use cookies to allow you to choose your home preferences login and purchase products and services at our online shop. We use cookies to protect your privacy. Our website does not use cookies to collect information from your computer that was not initially as cookies sent. We never save passwords or informationof this type.

We use cookies from analysis to understand how visitors use our website. Cookies help us to discover which areas of our website are popular and which not, and tell us how we can improve it, offering us details on how and when users use it. Many improvements and updates are based on the information provided by these cookies.

¿Pueden las cookies proporcionar mi información personal a otros?
On this website we use cookies from analysis and, therefore, we share certain limited information with third parties (who provided us these analyses) but none of this information can be traced back to an individual.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that is not responsible for the privacy or practices of the content of these web pages, as well as any information they might collect, even though our name or logo appears on these pages. We advise you to be aware when you leave our web site and read the privacy statement of each website you visit, as the privacy policy of these sites may differ from ours.

How handle the cookies
Browsers of most computers, smartphones and other devices with access to the Internet tend to be configured to accept cookies. However, it has the opcion control the acceptance of cookies yourself or, if you prefer, block them entirely by configuring your browser. Please refer to your browser documentation to change your preferences regarding cookies.

Please note that cookies are used to enable and improve certain features on our website. If choose disable certain cookies, is likely that this affects to the performance of the page.

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